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Blue raspberry is one of the most common flavours of candy in the world, but Cobalt is one of the only e-liquids to perfectly capture the sweetness and iconic flavour blue raspberry has to offer. Carefully created by BRITE e-liquids, this incredibly flavourful e-liquid plays heavily on the idea of nostalgia and brings up memories of ice cold blue popsicles on a hot summer day. The iconic candy flavour is beautifully represented, without being cloyingly sweet and generally overpowering. Refreshingly sweet and immediately mouthwatering, Cobalt will transport you back to simpler times and serves as the perfect companion for a warm summer sun.
Why choose BRITE?
High-quality flavours

BRITE uses only the best flavours, manufactured to a high-standard to ensure safety and optimum flavour production. BRITE juices are manufactured in Ontario, Canada and meet all relevant regulations.

Unmatched pricing

BRITE combines premium flavours and an entry price point to ensure that retailers enjoy healthy margins and consumers get exceptional value for their money.


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