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Mixed berries are one of the simplest joys any fruit lover can find, thankfully BRITE has managed to distill this exact experience in its Crimson e-juice. If you’ve ever spent time in nature, you’ll know that there is something truly special when you find a lush bush of sun ripened berries. This is the exact experience BRITE has managed to capture in Crimson, as it celebrates fresh and luscious berries in a natural and exciting way. So sit back, take a puff, and enjoy the amazing flavours nature can offer.
Why choose BRITE?
High-quality flavours

BRITE uses only the best flavours, manufactured to a high-standard to ensure safety and optimum flavour production. BRITE juices are manufactured in Ontario, Canada and meet all relevant regulations.

Unmatched pricing

BRITE combines premium flavours and an entry price point to ensure that retailers enjoy healthy margins and consumers get exceptional value for their money.


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